Beautiful hands with manicure!

This hand treatment or manicure is perfect if you like to get your skin and nails treated. You are able to enjoy this relaxing care experience at its fullest, prevent problems from arising and getting worse, as well as expressing yourself through a variety of different color nail polishes or decorations. We recommend the manicure to those who have own natural nails in good condition to begin with or to those who are in need of a light and short-timed solution.


IBX system is a two-piece treatment method, which work as a preventive to protect the natural nails as well as fix already formed problems and damages. With this method, we are able to form a protective layer as part of the natural nail, which then enables strong and  healthy nails.


IBX-manicure contains:

  • The nail design
  • The nail handling
  • Intensive care for the nails with the IBX method
  • nail polish

The IBX- intensive care can be used as a base for all the nail extension techniques as well as for Shellac- gel polish. IBX-manicures is also good when you want to strengthen, fix or grow your own natural nails without nail extensions. The treatment has shown good result also in long term nail trauma care. Providing that, you have acrylate allergy we are able to do the manicure without the IBX- intensive care.

IBX-manicure 45€

IBX-manicure with french lacquers 55€

IBX-intensive care additional service 15€

CND Citrus Spamanicure

The CND Citrus Spa-manicure is a perfect choice for those who are in need of a more caring treatment, comprehensive and more indulgence manicure  In addition to nail care this manicure also includes hand bathing in a smoothing and caring citrus milk and using the fruit peeling for the hands to make them clear and soft. During the manicure, you shall be treated with a enjoyable hand massage that relaxes the small muscles in the hand as well as a mask that moisturizes the skin. In addition, the treatment includes the treating of nail cuticles and polishing of nails. You will be leaving the store feeling healthy & refresh and with beautiful hands.

The Spa-manicure is a good choice as a first treatment for the hands because during the treatment our professional is comprehensively taking care of your hands and on top of getting an enjoyable treatment, you are also getting a good knowledge of your hands as well as recommendations of good care tips! This guarantees a better result to prevent problems in the hand and nail with proper home care. Three months is a good gap for a more comprehensive manicure however you can do  it more often, if so wished. You are able to get the Spa-manicure one colored, french style or with light decorations. Remember to mention it at the time of the booking.


Spa-manicure includes:

  • The bathing of hands in citrus milk
  • Treating the cuticles
  • A fruity peeling for the hands
  • Shaping the nails
  • A caring mask for the hands
  • A hand massage
  • Vinylux-polish

Spa-manicure 50€

Spa-manicure with french lacquers 55€


This treatment mainly focuses specifically on treating hands and nails as well as their health. The manicure therapy is a very indulgent experience for the hands hands and is a perfect gift for someone. During the manicure therapy treatment we also use the Rescue Rxx- keratin intensive care to treat the nails. This treatment does not include nail polishing.

Manicure-therapy includes:

  • The bathing of hands
  • The relaxing of hands muscles by using massaging balls
  • A peeling for the hands
  • Shaping the nails
  • Treating the cuticles
  • A caring mask for the hands
  • A massage that is effective for the hand muscles
  • Nail gloss (no nail polishing)
  • Treating the nails with Rescue Rxx -intensive care

Manicure-therapy 50€