New mega volume lash extensions

The mega volume lashes are very impressive and you get a fuller result than with the normal volume lashes. In the mega volumes we use double the amount of fibers and the fibers are thinner than the volume lash fibers. The mega volume technique is very different than the volume lash technique so it takes more time, even up to 4- 5 hours. A free lash consultation with a technician is required before booking the time for the mega volumes. The technician will make sure that customers natural lash is strong enough for the mega volumes. If the mega volume lash appointment has already been booked and the customer doesn’t cancel it 24 hours prior to the treatment time we charge 75% from the treatments price from the customer.  

To avoid cancellation situations please note that the free lash consultation is mandatory before the mega volume lashes. In case you want to book a time for the consultation and for the lashes please note that there should be at least 24 hours in between these two.

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