Strengthening for natural nails with polygel, acrylic or gel (without additional length)

When you want beautiful strong nails without additional length!

Strengthening for natural nails with polygel, acrylic or gel (without additional length)

This is a perfect way to strengthening your own nails. As the material we can use Polygel, gel or acrylic (fluid+powder). The choice is done according to the customers wishes and nail type. The strengthening for natural nails with polygel, acrylic or gel differs from the traditional nail extensions in such way that the material in used only on top on the customers own nails and there is no additional length built to it.

You do not need to have long nails to do this treatment however you still need to have a little bit of free edge so that we are able to do the sealing properly. The strengthening for natural nails with polygel, acrylic and gel covers the ”damages” or ”problems” on own nail.

The maintenance is done every 3-7 weeks depending on what material is used and  how fast your nails grow. At the maintenance the old mass is filed and the growth is filled from the base. At each maintenance, you are able to change nail styles if you like.

You are able to strengthen by using for example simple polygel-mass, clear gel or acrylic. The end result would then look like your own nails were polished. We can also use a slightly pinkish mass, nude mass or cover up mass to do the strengthening for natural nails. If you like it can be done it the french style, colorful or with decorations.


Polygel vs. gel vs. acrylic

Polygel is a new innovation in nail extensions. We started off on January 2018  first by using a product called Polyacryl Gel. ( We tested this product already since December 2017). We then later on got familiar with a patented product called Polygel which differs from Polyacryl Gel only because of its name and texture. We favored the texture of Polygel more, so we decided to replace Polyacryl Gel with Polygel.

Polygel is a long-developed material and it is a fusion of gel and acrylic, which combines the good qualities of gel and acrylic. Polygel enables thin, slender and very natural looking nails,also in the extended form. It is about 20% lighter than acrylic and 16% lighter than the traditional hard gel. The material hardens in the LED-lamp. The product is almost odorless and low-dusty.

Acrylic is a mass made from acrylic fluid and acrylic powder. It is air hardened and stronger material than gel. Acrylic is suitable for customers that have strong nails to begin with (maybe even when it breaks, it breaks deep from the edge of the tip). It is also good for stiletto style nails as well as nail ”biters”.

The gel is gel-like and completely odorless. It is a more flexible material than the acrylic. This however does not mean that the gel would be ”better” so when choosing the material keep in mind the condition of your own natural nails.We recommend the gel to be taken if your own nail is fragile, peeling and it is on its own flexible.

It is important that the professional chooses the material that suits your own nails the best. Rarely one comes across nails that either one of the materials would not suit, but if that was the case, the material can be easily changed to another during the nail fixing time.