Shellac Gel Polish

Beautiful long lasting polish!

This is perfect for those who want long lasting polish. Shellac can be maintained so it works as a long term solution on keeping nails neat. During the treatment we also treat the cuticles and nails. Shellac is also very suitable to be taken one-off for special occasions. It does not do any harm to your own nails because during the treatment your own nails are not necessarily in need of any filing.

Shellac Gel Polish at Blue Lagoon

The guarantee time for Shellac is 2 weeks however for some the polish may last longer.If you want the Shellac gel polish to last longer, Vinylux polishes may have a matching tone in there selection so you are able to purchase Vinylux polish and use that on the growth border of the Shellac.
We also have Shellac removal kits, sold to customers who have Shellac and would like to remove it at home..
By using Solar oil to moisture own natural nails, you extend the lasting time of Shellac gel polish.

  • Shellac is not suitable on the long term for extremely slippery nails.
  • Shellac gel polish is only polishing not for length.
  • Shellac polish is done by the use of a LED-lamp to make the nails hard.
  • It is possible to get the Shellac polish in one color, french manicure or with decoration (however remember to mention this when booking time).