Sugaring for the face & body

Hairless smooth skin!

Preparation for sugaring

When you come for sugaring for the first time, it is good that the hair is 0,15-1 cm long so that it can be removed easily. On a regular base of sugaring, the hair that is even shorter than this start to remove easily. The application of the sugar mass on the long hair may feel uncomfortable and “pulling” but we can also shorten the long hair at first at the saloon. The cosmetician cleanses the skin before sugaring, so you do not need to prepare for the sugaring in anyway (other than growing a little hair). The peeling of the skin one day before is not recommended, nor is the use of oil-bearing / oily products used in the treatment area, just before the treatment because it may complicate he sugar from sticking on the hair.

This is how you can prepare for the sugaring:

  • Do not remove the hair before treatment, the hair should be 0,5- 1 cm long.
  • You do not need to grow the hair extremely long for sugaring.
  • Do not peel the area that will be sugared 24 hours before the treatment.
  • Avoid using particular oil-based products on the area to be treated, just before the treatment.

The contraindications of sugaring, we do not recommend sugaring when:

  • Your skin is extremely damaged on the area to be sugared
  • You have painful and uncomfortable big varicose vein on the area to be sugared
  • You have new scars on the area to be treated. You need to let the scar properly heal before sugaring.
  • Your skin is sun burnt for the area to be sugared.
  • You have warts on the area to be treated. We try to avoid sugaring them so they do not spread.
  • You have big bruises on the area to be sugared.
  • You have a network- beard growth, some men have a networked root system in there beard area (where the roots are together under the skin). If sugared, it may lead to follicle rupture and swelling. We can first try to sugar a beard area, so that we can see if the beard roots are together.
  • You have moles on the area to be sugared.
  • You have Retin-A -medication , Retinol- treatment or -medication tai Roacutan-medication.

Home care-instructions after sugaring

Do not peel your skin a day before, on the same day or day after the sugaring. Avoid swimming and sauna for 12 hours. After sugaring the underarm hair, avoid the use of deodorant for 12 hours. Also avoid blocking make up substances for 12 hours after facial hair removal. Remember to protect the skin from the sun the day after sugaring. The cosmetician also moisturizes your skin with a sedative care lotion, which protects your fragile skin. The redness of the skin after sugaring is completely normal. If the skin has a strong redness after sugaring, avoid tight / rubbing clothes, warmth for example from hot showers, solarium/ sun tanning or scratching/ rubbing the skin.

With the sugaring, the hair gets more delicate and the result is softer. Usually a regular sugaring fades the follicle and with that may lead to permanent hairless. At first the suitable sugaring interval time is 3-5 weeks, the need of sugaring depends on your own hair growth. When you go for regular sugaring, you shall find the best sugaring rhythm for you with your cosmetician. The first times may feel slightly unpleasant especially if the area is bikini or Brazilian. This all depends on your own ability to take pain however with regular sugaring, when the hair gets more delicate also the feeling of the unpleasant reduces.

The dead skin cells may block the mouth of the follicle and this may sometimes prevent the emergence of the new hair meaning the hair starts to grow inward. This may lead to pimples and itch on the skin. The dry skin is more prone to this, so the regular peeling and moisturizing of skin is extremely important. The peeling removes the dead skin cells and this way the new hair gets to rise on the surface of the skin without any problems. If needed, the cosmetician can remove the inward growing hair during the sugaring.

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