Volume lashes refill 120 min

The recommended time for volume lashes refill is 1,5 – 2 hours. In the volume technique we attach lash fans to your own lashes. We build the “fans” by using 0,07mm thick extension fibers. The volume lashes are a very light solution and can be made to look very natural or very showy depending on the amount of lash fibers used in the fans. If you have very thick lashes or your lashes grow very fast or it has been a while since your last refill we recommend you to book the 2 hour refill time. If over 70% of the extensions have fallen of the refill might cost more. We can also refill lashes that have been made elsewhere. In this case we recommend the 2 hour refill for volume lashes and 1,5 hour refill for the classic lashes. If you wish to change your classic lashes to volumes you have to book the volume lashes refill appointment.

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