Yumi Lashes -Lash Lift

More dash to natural lashes!

Yumi Lashes -Lash Lift at Blue Lagoon

The Lash Lift is a personalized service where we design the lashes according to the costumers individual needs, taking in consideration the costumers own lashes. The Yumi Lashes treatment strength is the ability to make your own lashes to look long and dashing without lash extensions. The lash lift is a good choice for those who would like to highlight there eyes but for a reason or another are not able to take lash extensions. Please note that once you have remover your lash extensions, there needs to be a waiting period of 8 weeks ( one growth period) before it is desirable to do the lash lift. Please familiarize yourself with our lash lift service before you book the time for the treatment!




What is it that we do in the Yumi Lashes -Lash lift treatment?

The lash lift differs from the traditional lash permanent so that, it bends the lashes from the roots upwards to expand your eyes. We use silicone pillows to assist with the lash lift is such way that your lashes will be set on them after which we glue them with a water-soluble milk glue. The milk glue will then be removed in the end of the treatment by rinsing with water. The glue keeps the lashes in place whilst the bending product and conditioner affect. The silicone pillows (bending molds) come in different sizes due to lashes been different length. Have a conversation with your Yumi Lashes -professional on how curvy lashes you wish to have and also what would be the best choice for the quality of your lashes. At the Yumi Lashes treatment, your lashes will be colored with a black or even more intensive blue-black shaded permanent tint. The permanent tinting will be done straight on top of the lash mold, which then gives the costumer even more of a pleasant experience.

The lash lift can be done on the lashes in maximum, every 8 weeks. The lash lift will last on the lashes 8-12 weeks, depending on the growth cycle of your lashes. Many costumers take the Yumi Lashes -lash lift regularly.

Home care instructions on how to take care of Lash Lift

We do not recommend that you wash your lashes for the first 24 hours, for it weakens the affect of the lash lift. Please note that providing that you eat supplements that affect the growth of your lashes, the lash lift may last a shorter time because when the lashes grow the result may gradually start to vanish from the lashes. The lash lift does not “flatten out” in 8 weeks, but it does grow out, once your lashes grow and renew. The life cycle of natural lashes is 8-12 weeks.

You can use Mascara without any worries and you can also use makeup remover even if you have the lash lift. Providing that you feel that the lash lift has been done too steeply, we are able to flatten it out for the next 7 days from the original day of taking the treatment. In which case, you need to contact the store as soon as possible. All of our Yumi Lashes -professionals are trained cosmeticians or hairdressers.


Contraindications – Obstacles to Lash Lifting:


We strongly recommend that you do not carry out the Yumi Lashes treatment, if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. The reason is because of the product ingredients we use, and in particular the existing possibility that the lashes do not bend it the desired way due to pregnancy. The pregnancy hormones affect mostly on the hair and thus the lashes in worst case may even break after the lash lift.


Allergic reactions are extremely rare. However there still may be a possibility that the skin around the eyelid may react to the lash lift ingredients used with redness or itch. For costumers whom are cosmetics-allergic need to do the allergy test before taking the treatment.

Nb! Blue Lagoon does not do allergy tests.


We do not do the Yumi Lashes treatment for a costumer with Alopecia.

Eye infection

The conjunctivitis of the eye or eye infection usually is caused by allergic reactions or bacteria- or virus infections. We do not do the Yumi Lashes treatment if costumer has eye infection.

Cytostatic- and radiation treatments

If you are under going Cytostatic – or radiation treatments, we do not recommend the lash lift during that time.


Trichotillomania or a person suffering from compulsive lash, hair or eyebrow plucking, we can not do the lash lift.


Please note before the lash lift:

The use of Antihistamine

If the costumer has taken antihistamine before the treatment, if may cause dryness in the eyes. At that time we are able to do the lash lift however it needs to be done with a special care so that the experience is as pleasant as possible for the costumers eyes.

Dry eyes

The costumers with dry eyes are more likely more sensitive to the glue.

Eye diseases

Cataract, diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma are not contraindications for the lash lift treatment.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses need to be removed before the beginning of the treatment and they are not recommend to be used for the next 24 hours

Lash extensions

After the removal of lash extensions you need to have 1 growth period (8 weeks) of rest on your lashes so that they can restore after the use of lash extensions