BL quality guarantee

Our vision is to be a bold influencer in the beauty care industry, and we are constantly working to develop the industry in Finland. We create our own theme for each year, which we focus on in our company’s operations. Our theme for 2021 was creating quality standards for all our services, which is new in the beauty care industry in Finland. With the help of our quality standards, we guarantee our customers uniform service experiences and high-quality beauty care, regardless of location or provider.

Own unique quality processes

In 2021, we put the development of quality standards at the core of our business development. Due to the different trainings implemented in the beauty industry, there can be large differences in the same services, and in addition, there are no ready-made processes or practices in the beauty care industry to monitor the quality of the work. Blue Lagoon Beauty’s quality standards have been created together with industry trainers and Blue Lagoon Beauty’s service managers for each service offered by Blue Lagoon Beauty.

All of Blue Lagoon Beauty’s old and new professionals go through our own unique quality processes, with which we ensure consistent service experiences and high-quality services for our customers. The quality process takes into account the control of up-to-date theoretical information, customer service and the implementation of the service itself in accordance with the quality standards we have set. When our professional has successfully completed our quality process, the service can be opened for her at the normal price for our booking.

Blue Lagoon LAB

Blue Lagoon LAB was established to train beauty professionals. Our activities at LAB consist of various trainings for our professionals and our own Trainee program. Depending on the education and skill level of the professional, our service managers may be closely involved in the execution of the training services. Professionals who are further in the quality process practice services independently.

Pricing of the training treatments

Our professionals who are at the end of the quality process practice their last services independently, offering a discount on the practice service. Our professionals can simultaneously have normal price services open, for which they have successfully completed our quality process, as well as LAB services, for which the quality process is still in progress. All LAB practice treatments are carried out at exceptional prices. Regularly priced services are produced only by professionals who have successfully completed the quality process of the service.

Service managers

The service managers of cosmetology, nail and eyelash services, who are top professionals in their own field of expertise, take part in our quality processes. Service managers take care of the quality processes of all our professionals, training and monitoring the implementation of our quality standards. The service managers give the final approval for passing the quality process. The service managers follow the trends and new innovations, and bring them easily into Blue Lagoon Beauty’s operations.