Lash & eyebrow tinting

Lash & eyebrow tinting

Permanent coloring is an easy way to maintain a well-groomed, but natural look. Permanent color can be used to color eyelashes, eyebrows or both at the same time. By tinting and shaping the eyebrows, you get frames for the face. Beautifully shaped and colored brows bring a new fresh look to the face. Tinting the eyelashes, on the other hand, gives a wonderful depth to the look. Permanent coloring makes everyday life easier and speeds up daily make-up.

Permanent tinting & eyebrow shaping

  • Permanent eyelash tinting

    We recommend permanent eyelash tinting, especially for light eyelashes, or when you want more color in your eyelashes, but still a natural result quickly and inexpensively. Permanent eyelash tinting is a popular service for e.g. among customers who exercise a lot, as well as in the summer or before a holiday trip. Permanent eyelash tinting is a good option even when using mascara is difficult or impossible.


  • Permanent eyebrow tinting

    With permanent coloring of the eyebrows, the brows can be easily and quickly enhanced, and the shape of the brows can be better highlighted. We recommend permanent coloring and shaping of the eyebrows for all kinds of brows! Permanent coloring of eyebrows is one of our most popular services, which allows you to quickly get a more uplifted look on your face. Often, symmetrical make-up of the brows is also perceived as challenging, which can be alleviated with permanent coloring.

  • Brow shaping with tweezers

    Permanent eyebrow coloring always also includes shaping the eyebrows. To shape the brows, we use a variety of tools, but tweezers are the most common. We recommend styling with tweezers when you want to remove stray hairs from the brows. Often, waxing and sugaring are also combined with tweezers, so that the lines of the brows can be defined as accurately as possible. Due to their slowness, tweezers are not very suitable for bigger shaping work or when you want to get rid of all the small hairs of the eyebrow area.

  • Shaping the eyebrows with sugar or wax

    Sugaring and waxing differ slightly in their technique, but both methods lead to the same end result. In sugaring and waxing, a warm mass is applied to the eyebrow area, which is removed from the skin with a quick movement. With the help of sugaring and waxing, all unwanted hairs can be easily removed from the brows, as well as very light and delicate skin hairs. We recommend eyebrow waxing and sugaring when you have a lot to shape, you want a completely new shape for your eyebrows, or you want to get your eyebrows clean of light skin hair as well. The use of wax and sugar does not automatically mean really narrow and thin brows, since the techniques also make it possible to create wider and natural brow styles.

More information about lash & brow tinting

Lash & Brow tinting colors

We use high-quality permanent colors from the RefectoCil® brand, the market leader in permanent colors. There are several shades of permanent colors, such as gray, black, brown and blue-black, from which the shade that suits the customer can be mixed. The shade and intensity of the permanent color is affected by the ratio of the shades used, the affect time and the condition of the customer’s skin and eyelashes or eyebrows. RefectoCil® permanent colors do not contain PPD, but the permanent colors contain a PPD derivative (toluene-2,5-Diamine).

Permanent eyelash tinting

In permanent eyelash tinting, the eyelashes are coloured with permanent eyelash color. In many cases, the eyelashes may naturally be a little light at the ends of the eyelashes, so permanent tinting may give the impression of slightly longer eyelashes. With permanent color, you can also get a beautifully dark lash line. The biggest change with permanent eyelash colouring is achieved in very light eyelashes.

A blue-black shade is typically used for eyelash tinting. The shade is not bluish at all, but intensely black. If desired, the eyelashes can also be coloured black or brown, but we do not necessarily recommend using brown colour for eyelashes. In permanent eyelash tinting, the lower and upper eyelashes are usually coloured, but only the upper eyelashes can also be coloured if you do not want to colour your lower eyelashes.

Lashes are naturally quite straight, so permanent colour alone does not bring out the length and potential of the eyelashes in the best possible way. If you would like a natural but more impressive end result for your eyelashes, we recommend trying Lash Lift. Lash Lift lasts for several weeks on the eyelashes, and it is typically renewed every 8 weeks. It is popular to go to permanent eyelash tinting between Lash Lifts, because the permanent color typically wears off faster than the Lift.

We recommend coming to the treatment without mascara if possible, so that your treatment time is not spent on cleaning the mascara. Especially water-resistant mascara should be avoided before coming to the treatment. The age limit for permanent eyelash tinting is 16 years.

Permanent eyebrow tinting

The color options for coloring the eyebrows are light brown, brown, gray and black. The colors can also be mixed with each other to get the perfect shade for you. When coloring the eyebrows, the permanent color may stick to the skin a little at first, so the color looks darker for a few days. When you clean or exfoliate the skin of your face a few times, the color starts to come off the skin, making the end result a little lighter.

Please tell our professional all your wishes in terms of color and shape. Usually, the appropriate shade is chosen according to your hair and skin color. The color usually lasts 3-4 weeks in the hair, after which it would be good to renew it if you want to maintain the final result. The color fades away little by little. The age limit for permanent eyebrow coloring is 16 years.

With permanent coloring of the brows, you can achieve a great change for your brow style! However, if you wish to have the most showy or voluminous end result, we recommend trying Brow Lift, i.e. brow lamination. Lamination is also especially good for sparser eyebrows, or if you wish for a very sharp final result, precisely positioned eyebrows or a final result that is as thick and bushy as possible.

Permanent eyebrow coloring includes shaping the eyebrows. You can choose the styling technique with tweezers, wax or sugaring. Sugaring and waxing is a gentle way to remove hair from the root and is a particularly good and faster technique than tweezers when there is more hair to be removed.

Permanent lash & brow tinting Helsinki, Espoo, Turku & Tampere

We do permanent coloring and brow shaping at all our beauty salons in Helsinki, Espoo, Turku and Tampere. Permanent coloring and eyebrow shaping can be done in treatment rooms or in our Brow Bars. All of our professionals go through our unique quality processes, with which we guarantee consistent and high-quality service experiences for our customers. We recommend getting to know our professionals and their work samples on our team page, so that you can find the most suitable professional for you.


Lash Lift

Permanent tinting of eyelashes and eyebrows has always been a popular monthly routine treatment, which quickly and effortlessly gives a beautiful look. A new popular trend treatment is a Lash Lift -service, which makes your own lashes beautifully highlighted! Lash Lift also includes permanent tinting for lashes and a short relaxing head massage while the Lash Lift products affect!

The age limit for Permanent Tinting and Lash Lift is 16 years.

Lash Lift 90 minutes

Lash Lift is designed for every customer. Lash lift will make natural lashes look longer and much more showy without the need for eyelash extensions. Lash lift is a great option for those who wish to highlight their eyes without eyelash extensions. Please note that after you have had your eyelash extensions removed, you need to wait for 8 weeks before the lash lift. The age limit for the lash lift 16 years.

85 €

Lash Lift + eyebrow tinting & shaping

Lash Lift, or permanent eyelash curling, is a treatment where your own lashes are bent and presented beautifully. We use Inlei brand products in Lash Lift. In addition, this treatment also includes permanent tinting and shaping of your brows.

Please note that after removing the lash extensions, you should wait one growing season (8 weeks) before it is desirable to do a Lash Lift. The age limit for Lash Lift is 16 years.


109 €

Lash Lift + Brow Lift combination treatment 90 min

In the Lash & Brow Lift combo, we perform Lash and Brow Lifts at the same time. The treatment takes about 90 minutes. We use products from the Inlei brand.

The age limit for treatment is 16 years.

125 €

Brow Bar

The eyebrows are at the center of beauty trends at the moment. Eyebrows are a visible part of the face, so wll-designed brows that match the shape of the face immediately stand out. Book an appointment at Blue Lagoon’s Brow Bar, where we create stylish Brow Lifts as well as eyebrow shaping and eyebrow tinting.

Eyebrow Shaping 15 min.

We recommend 15 min. treatment time, if your brows need a light shaping and “cleaning”. Shaping can be done with tweezers, sugar or wax. If your brows need more shaping or you need a new eyebrow design, we recommend booking a 25 min. -service, to guarantee the best end result.

Read more about eyebrow shaping.

15 €

Eyebrow Tinting & Shaping

Permanent tinting is an easy way to maintain a well-groomed, but natural look. By coloring and shaping the eyebrows, you get beautiful frames for your face. Beautifully shaped and colored eyebrows create new and fresh look! Permanent coloring makes everyday life easier and speeds up daily make-up. Shaping can be done with tweezers or with sugar or wax.

The treatment takes 30 minutes.

Read more about permanent eyebrow tinting!

24 €

Eyebrow shaping 25 min.

We recommend 25 min. eyebrow shaping, if there is more to be shaped in the eyebrows or if you wish to modify the eyebrow model. Shaping can be done with tweezers, sugar or wax.

Read more about eyebrow shaping.

25 €

Eyelash and eyebrows permanent color

Permanent coloring of eyelashes and eyebrows also includes shaping of the eyebrows with tweezers or with sugar or wax. We recommend shaping with tweezers if your eyebrows don’t have that much to shape. For larger changes and thicker eyebrows, we recommend sugaring or waxing. The treatment takes 40 minutes.

We recommend you to arrive to the appointment without mascara if possible. This way we can make sure all the time booked for this appointment is being used for the coloring. Please note that even a few minute delay effects the time we have for the treatment.

Read more about permanent tinting.

36 €

InLei Brow Lamination 45 min

The lamination of eyebrows, also known as brow lift, which is currently the hottest brow and beauty trend. With this treatment you can achieve beautiful, “fluffy” and more thick looking brows for up to 6 weeks!

55 €

Brow Lift & eyelash tinting

This service includes eyebrow lamination and permanent eyelash tinting. The treatment takes about 60 minutes. We use Inlei products for Brow Lift treatments. The age limit for this treatment is 16 years.

73 €

Lash Lift + Brow Lift combination treatment 90 min

In the Lash & Brow Lift combo, we perform Lash and Brow Lifts at the same time. The treatment takes about 90 minutes. We use products from the Inlei brand.

The age limit for treatment is 16 years.

125 €

Preparation for permanent tinting and home care instructions

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the service you have booked before coming for treatment. We have collected general recommendations for home care and preparation for permanent tinting. Read the instructions carefully and contact us if something bothers you. Our professionals will help you in all problem situations.



Beauticians and lash & brow professionals of Blue Lagoon Beauty

Professionals specializing in eyelashes and eyebrows work in our beauty salons. We recommend getting to know our professionals and their work samples, so that you can find the most suitable author for you!

Lash Lift

Lash Lift has become an extremely popular service that brings a new kind of alternative to natural eyelashes. The end result is showy, but still natural. Find out more about Lash Lift and see the wonderful before and after pictures of our Lash Lifts!