Permanent pigmentations for eyebrows

Permanent pigmentations for eyebrows

With permanent eyebrow pigmentation, i.e. permanent makeup, the natural shape of the eyebrows is emphasized and improved. Pigmentation is a carefree and long-term way to bring out your best features. At Blue Lagoon, we do eyebrow pigmentation using the shadow technique.


Shadow brows

  • With the Shadow technique, the brows are filled in with circular movements with a pigmentation machine, where the skin underneath the eyebrows are worked on with coloring type of movements.

  • The end result is stronger, more durable and more makeuplike than microblading or 3D permanent pigmentation.

  • Shadow technique can be used to create a natural and light result, but also a dark and more makeup-looking result.

  • The first pigmentation session usually takes about 2-3 hours, part of which is used for design. Pigmentation can be renewed as needed when it fades.

  • Pigmentations made with the shadow technique disappear from the skin evenly in 1-3 years without showing strong irregularities in the skin.

  • We use color pigments from Swiss Color, which are high quality and safe for the skin.

Eyebrow pigmentation step by step

At Blue Lagoon, the permanent pigmentation procedure always includes the following:

  1. A consultation where the shape and color of the eyebrows are planned and the issues related to the procedure and home care are reviewed.
  2. Shaping of the brows, before the procedure, using a brow pencil and a brow tool.
  3. Pigmentation is a procedure in which eyebrows are drawn on the skin with a pigment and machine.
  4. Aftercare, care procedures to be performed at home, for which you will receive detailed instructions.
  5. Confirmation treatment, performed as needed approximately 8 weeks after the first procedure. The Touch Up strengthening treatment should be done no later than 10 weeks after the first treatment. The treatment interval cannot be extended, and unused Touch Up will not be refunded from the price of the treatment.

Permanent pigmentation, i.e. permanent make-up, is done with a pigmentation device. Pigmentation does not go as deep into the skin as a tattoo, only to the surface layers of the skin, so the pigmentation disappears from the skin and fades in 1-5 years. The persistence of the pigment depends a lot on your skin type and aftercare. A

pigmentation professional knows how to apply permanent pigmentation to the right depth of the skin without causing scars, color changes or spreading.

Before pigmentation, we draw the lines of your new brows with an eyebrow pencil. We use special tools to measure symmetry for you according to the shape of your face. The professional modifies the outlines until the shape is desired and good. At this point, you should always be open and honest and give all feedback, because the pigmentation is semi permanent.

After you have approved the shape of your brows, we fill in the area inside the lines with the pigment that best matches the color of your skin and hair. We mix the color tone from a few different pigments. The outlines of the brows are not made with pigment, and they are completely erased to make the brows look as natural as possible.

The persistence of the pigment depends a lot on your own skin type and aftercare, as well as the permanent pigmentation technique used. The pigment can stay worse on oily skin. A professional in permanent pigmentation knows how to make the eyebrow pigmentations to the appropriate depth for your skin without causing scars, color changes or spreading.

Shadow Touch Up

The touch up time is not always necessary however the “Shadow-pigmentation 1st time “includes the Shadow Touch up-time which should be booked 4-6 weeks away from the 1st treatment time. It is extremely important that the time is not stretched! So keep in mind upcoming vacations whilst booking the time. The treatment takes 1,5 hours.

Blue Lagoon Beauty buys the service from an external service provider. According to the agreement, each service provider is responsible for the work they do.





Permanent pigmentations

Permanent pigmentation remains on the skin for 1-5 years, depending on e.g. skin type and skin care.

Before booking an appointment, read the treatment information very carefully. If you are unsure about the suitability of the treatment for you or you want more information about the procedure, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

The age limit for permanent pigmentation is 18 years.

Read more about permanent pigmentation & see the pictures


Permanent pigmentation consultation

The price of the consultation will be compensated in the price of the treatment if you have the treatment in one of our salons within 6 months after the consultation. 

Book the consultation appointment for the artist you want to book the pigmentation appointment with. If you have some questions about the permanent pigmentation, please have the questions ready for the consultation. During the consultation you will discuss about your questions, the course of the treatment, the release of liability form and possible obstacles for the permanent pigmentation. You also go through the shape of your future pigmentations. If you want you can book the consultation and the actual treatment at the same time but take note that the time in between these two must be at least 48 hours. This is because it is very important to us that the technology we use meets the customer’s wishes. If you change your mind you can still cancel the booked appointments 24 hours before the appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: The consultation is mandatory before the permanent pigmentation and also for permanent pigmentation touch ups / fixes (if the pigmentations have been made elsewhere).

If you are unable to attend the consultation because of a good reason we will need good photos of the area that you wish to have pigmented. You can send the photos to: and address the email to the artist you wish to book your appointment from. After this the artist will have a consultation with you over the phone, and you will get an invoice which is 40€ + 2€ invoice fee. The price of the consultation will be compensated in the price of the treatment if you have the treatment in one of our salons within 6 months after the consultation.

40 €

Shadow touch up

With the Shadow technique, the brows are filled with circular movements with a pigmentation machine. Pigmentations made with the Shadow technique disappear from the skin evenly in 1-3 years without showing strong unevenness in the skin.

200 €

Permanent eyebrow shadow pigmentation 1st time

The permanent shadow pigmentation is being made with the pigmentation machine. The shadow pigmentation lasts 2-3 years on your eyebrows. The price includes the first pigmentation, one touch up treatment and a care cream for the eyebrows. Please note that a consultation before booking the appointment is mandatory.

380 €

Preparation & home care after pigmentation

Before the procedure, familiarize yourself with the home care instructions and preparation for the treatment. Before starting the procedure, the wishes and expectations are carefully reviewed during the consultation, because pigmentation is always a semi permanent procedure and it is important that the end result pleases you. The price of the consultation will be refunded from the price of pigmentation, if you come for pigmentation within six months of the consultation.

Our pigmentation professionals

We recommend that you get to know our pigmentation professionals and their work sample photos, so that you can find the one that is most suitable for you!