Eyebrow shaping

Eyebrow shaping

Eyebrow shaping is one of the fastest ways to enhance your eyebrows, which you can use to get beautiful and neat lines. Different hairs can grow on the eyebrows, both thin and thick. Some people’s eyebrows are naturally bushy and showy, while others may have softer and sparser eyebrows. Especially for thick eyebrows, big changes can be made just by shaping the brows, while shaping for thinner brows gives a neat and well-kept final result.


Find the most suitable shaping technique for your brows

  • Eyebrow shaping techniques

    At Brow Bar, our professional can shape the brows either with tweezers, sugar or wax. You don’t need to know in advance which method you want to use, as our professional will recommend the most suitable shaping technique for your brows. All shaping techniques are the same price.

  • Brow shaping with tweezers

    Various techniques can be used to shape the brows, of which tweezers are the most common. We recommend shaping the brows with tweezers when you want to remove individual stray hairs from your eyebrows. With tweezers, the hairs are plucked one by one, so that the hair comes off whole, and the end result in the eyebrows remains neat for a long time. Often, the use of tweezers is also combined with waxing and sugaring, in order to make the lines of the brows as precise and clean as possible. Due to their slowness, tweezers are typically not very suitable for larger shaping jobs or for cleaning the eyebrow area from all the small hair. Depending on the quality of the hair, our Brow Bar professional may feel that styling with tweezers is a better option.

  • Shaping the eyebrows with sugar or wax

    Typically, sugaring or waxing the eyebrows is a good option when the customer has thick eyebrows that need a lot of shaping. Especially for thick eyebrows, beautiful lines are often obtained with the help of sugar or wax. Even sparser eyebrows may grow a lot of thin blond hair, and if you want the brows clean of this hair, then it is good to prefer either sugaring or waxing. These methods are faster and more effective ways to clean the brows of unwanted hair than tweezers. However, sugaring and waxing can also produce very natural results, so they are also suitable for sparser eyebrows.

    Both the wax and the sugar mass are removed from the skin using a fast movement, so this hair removal method can often be a more pleasant option for more painful or strong hairs due to its speed. With the help of both techniques, the hairs come off completely, so the end result remains neat for a long time.

  • The differences between sugaring and waxing

    Sugaring and waxing do not make a noticeable difference to the customer when removing hair from small skin areas, such as eyebrows. The methods differ in terms of technique and the products used. Sugar paste is applied to the opposite hair growth direction and removed to the hair growth direction, while wax is applied to the hair growth direction and removed to the opposite hair growth direction. For larger skin areas, sugaring is often a slightly slower method than waxing, but it is generally perceived as a more skin-friendly option for larger and more sensitive skin areas.


Brow services for different needs

Individually shaped eyebrows

When shaping eyebrows, it is important to always bring up your own wishes and discuss the desired end result with the professional. The more hair the eyebrows have from their own, the more possibilities the eyebrows have to achieve different results with the help of shaping. Typically, the natural lines of the brows are preferred in shaping, and it is good to note that just by shaping the brows, it is not necessarily possible to create a completely different model for the brows. For example, some eyebrows naturally grow in a very straight line, so it is typically not possible to create a classic wing-like shape with just shaping. Permanent eyebrow tinting and especially lamination and pigmentation services offer better opportunities for a more radical modification of the eyebrow shape.

Thick eyebrows

For bushy and thick eyebrows, we recommend sugaring or waxing as a shaping technique. If the hair grows very densely, you can often get very clear and beautiful lines in the brows with just shaping, and you don’t necessarily need to dadd permanent color. Sometimes even more thick eyebrows are wanted to be clarified and tinted a little with the help of permanent coloring, in which case it is worth making time for permanent tinting of the eyebrows, which also includes shaping.

Long and downward-growing eyebrows

If there are a lot of long, stubborn, straightening and downward-growing hairs growing in the brows, then Brow Lift, i.e. eyebrow lamination, can be a better option than just shaping, which allows the eyebrows to be lifted and laminated to the desired places. Lamination also includes permanent coloring and shaping of the eyebrows.

Thin and sparse eyebrows

If there is very little hair in the eyebrows, then it is good to combine the permanent coloring with the shaping. Typically, you don’t want to shape the brows to be very thin, so for few eyebrows, just shaping mostly brings a neat end result. However, if you want more clarity in the shape of the brows, you can try permanent coloring to “fill” the brows a little and bring out the lines of the brows better.

Brow shaping in Helsinki, Espoo, Turku & Tampere

We do eyebrow shaping in all our beauty salons in Helsinki, Espoo, Turku & Tampere. Brow shaping can be done in treatment rooms or in our Brow Bars, depending on the treatment. All of our professionals go through our unique quality processes, with which we guarantee consistent and high-quality service experiences for our customers. We recommend getting to know our professionals and their work samples on our team page, so that you can find the most suitable professional for you.



Brow Bar

The eyebrows are at the center of beauty trends at the moment. Eyebrows are a visible part of the face, so wll-designed brows that match the shape of the face immediately stand out. Book an appointment at Blue Lagoon’s Brow Bar, where we create stylish Brow Lifts as well as eyebrow shaping and eyebrow tinting.

Eyebrow Shaping 15 min.

We recommend 15 min. treatment time, if your brows need a light shaping and “cleaning”. Shaping can be done with tweezers, sugar or wax. If your brows need more shaping or you need a new eyebrow design, we recommend booking a 25 min. -service, to guarantee the best end result.

Read more about eyebrow shaping.

15 €

Eyebrow Tinting & Shaping

Permanent tinting is an easy way to maintain a well-groomed, but natural look. By coloring and shaping the eyebrows, you get beautiful frames for your face. Beautifully shaped and colored eyebrows create new and fresh look! Permanent coloring makes everyday life easier and speeds up daily make-up. Shaping can be done with tweezers or with sugar or wax.

The treatment takes 30 minutes.

Read more about permanent eyebrow tinting!

24 €

Eyebrow shaping 25 min.

We recommend 25 min. eyebrow shaping, if there is more to be shaped in the eyebrows or if you wish to modify the eyebrow model. Shaping can be done with tweezers, sugar or wax.

Read more about eyebrow shaping.

25 €

Eyelash and eyebrows permanent color

Permanent coloring of eyelashes and eyebrows also includes shaping of the eyebrows with tweezers or with sugar or wax. We recommend shaping with tweezers if your eyebrows don’t have that much to shape. For larger changes and thicker eyebrows, we recommend sugaring or waxing. The treatment takes 40 minutes.

We recommend you to arrive to the appointment without mascara if possible. This way we can make sure all the time booked for this appointment is being used for the coloring. Please note that even a few minute delay effects the time we have for the treatment.

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36 €

InLei Brow Lamination 45 min

The lamination of eyebrows, also known as brow lift, which is currently the hottest brow and beauty trend. With this treatment you can achieve beautiful, “fluffy” and more thick looking brows for up to 6 weeks!

55 €

Brow Lift & eyelash tinting

This service includes eyebrow lamination and permanent eyelash tinting. The treatment takes about 60 minutes. We use Inlei products for Brow Lift treatments. The age limit for this treatment is 16 years.

73 €

Lash Lift + Brow Lift combination treatment 90 min

In the Lash & Brow Lift combo, we perform Lash and Brow Lifts at the same time. The treatment takes about 90 minutes. We use products from the Inlei brand.

The age limit for treatment is 16 years.

125 €

 Home care instructions after eyebrow shaping

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the service you have booked before coming for treatment. We have collected general recommendations for home care after eyebrow shaping. Read the instructions carefully and contact us if something bothers you. Our professionals will help you in all problem situations.

Permanent tinting

Read more about the color selection of our permanent eyebrow colors and see more pictures of our eyebrow work samples!

Brow Lift

With Brow Lift, incredible and wonderful changes can be made to the eyebrows, and the treatment works as a lighter and more natural alternative to, for example, eyebrow pigmentation. Brow Lift lasts beautifully for many weeks.