Lash Lift

Lash Lift

Along with lash tinting, the new favourite treatment is Lash Lift, i.e. permanent eyelash curling. Lash Lift brings out the full potential of your natural eyelashes wonderfully, and the treatment result lasts beautifully for many weeks. We use high-quality InLei products for our Lash Lifts. The age limit for Lash Lift is 16 years.

About Lash Lift

  • Naturally beautiful lashes

    We recommend Lash Lift, if you want a more impressive end result than just permanent tinting. Lash Lift is perfect when you want the most amazing look for your eyelashes, but still with a natural end result. Lash Lift is also suitable if you can’t or don’t want to use eyelash extensions. Lash Lift is a popular service all year round, and it makes a makeup-free look freshly lifted and well-groomed.

  • How Lash Lift is done?

    Lash Lift differs from traditional eyelash perm in that it bends the eyelashes from the base upwards, opening the eyes. For the Lash Lift of eyelashes, silicone pads or rolls are used to help, on which the eyelashes are placed and glued with water-soluble milk glue. The milk glue is removed with a water rinse at the end of the treatment. Blue Lagoon uses several different bending molds – and rolls, with which our Lash Lift professional can customize the end result that best suits your eyelashes and wishes!


  • Permanent tinting of eyelashes during Lash Lift

    In the Lash Lift treatment, your eyelashes are coloured with black or an intense blue-black eyelash colour. Permanent tinting is done directly on the eyelash molds, which makes permanent eyelash tinting a pleasant experience. We do not dye the lower lashes during Lash Lift, because it might weaken the final result of the lift due to the cleaning step. You can dye your eyelashes between your Lash Lift appointments.

  • When can the Lash Lift be renewed?

    Lash Lift can be done every eight weeks. Many people take Lash Lift regularly so that their eyelashes stay beautiful all the time. Eyelashes can be dyed between the lift treatments, as the permanent color often wears off faster than the lift. You can also use mascara normally with Lash Lift.

Lash Lift molds & various eyelash qualities

Lash Lift molds and rolls

The gluing keeps the eyelashes in place when the bending agent and conditioner are in effect. There are silicone pads (bending molds) in different sizes for different eyelash lengths. As a novelty in our selection, along with the usual Lash Lift molds, Lash Lift rolls have been added to our selection, which can be used to give the eyelashes a rounder curve if desired. The rolls comes in four different sizes for eyelashes of different lengths. The Lash Lift made with traditional molds corresponds more to the shape of the letter L, and the bending made with rolls corresponds to the rounder shape of the letter C.

We recommend bending with a roll when you want a more natural result and a rounder curve. Lash Lift done with a roll is especially suitable for clients with round eyes, protruding eyes, downward-sloping lids or strongly downward-growing eyelashes. You don’t need to know when you book the treatment which method you want the Lash Lift to be done with. Talk to your lash professional about the look you would like to have. The quality of your natural lashes also plays a big role, when it comes to choosing the right Lash Lift method.

Light eyelashes

With the help of Lash Lifts, wonderful changes can be made to light eyelashes. In many cases, light eyelashes absorb the permanent color well, so with the help of permanent coloring alone, a beautifully intense and dark lash line can be created for light eyelashes. When the eyelashes are also permanently lifted, their full potential and length can be brought out wonderfully. Permanent color fades from the eyelashes within a few weeks, while Lash Lift slowly grows out of the eyelashes as the eyelashes regenerate naturally. Especially for light eyelashes, we recommend permanent eyelash tinting between Lash Lifts, i.e. about once a month.

Straight & downward growing eyelashes

Lashes are often quite straight by nature, which is why the length of the eyelashes does not stand out, especially when viewed from the front. Some eyelashes can be very straight, slippery and even slightly downward growing. When the eyelashes can be lifted upwards with the help of Lash Lift, their length can be brought out beautifully. The Lash Lift is typically renewed approximately every two months. Chemical bending is a much gentler method for eyelashes than daily mechanical bending with eyelash curlers. When straight eyelashes are bent with the help of Lash Lift, they stay beautifully curled all day even with mascara.

Long and thick eyelashes

For long and thick eyelashes, Lash Lift gives really wonderful results, and after curling, the lashes may even resemble natural classic eyelash extensions! If the eyelashes are long, slightly larger molds or rolls are typically used for bending, so that the eyelashes don’t bend too much. If there are a lot of eyelashes, the separation done during Lash Lift requires extra care and time. In thick eyelashes, the eyelashes often grow interlaced in several layers, so the end result may not be as precisely separated as in sparser eyelashes.

Stiff and slippery eyelashes

There are individual differences in the “quality” of eyelashes. Some people’s eyelashes can be naturally thicker and stiffer, so it can be difficult to make the eyelashes bend beautifully, especially with the help of eyelash curlers. In many cases, even the bending done with curlers can’t stay good all day on stiff or slippery eyelash qualities. However, with the help of Lash Lift, a beautiful and durable bend can be made on stiff and slippery eyelashes. The curling molds and rolls used always take into account the quality of the eyelashes, and the effect time of the products can also be adjusted according to the texture of the eyelashes.

Lash Lift Helsinki, Espoo, Turku & Tampere

We do Lash Lifts at all our salons in Helsinki, Espoo, Turku and Tampere. All of our Lash Lift professionals go through our unique quality processes, with which we guarantee consistent and high-quality service experiences for our customers. We recommend getting to know our professionals and their work samples on our team page, so that you can find the most suitable eyelash professional for you.





Lash Lift

Permanent tinting of eyelashes and eyebrows has always been a popular monthly routine treatment, which quickly and effortlessly gives a beautiful look. A new popular trend treatment is a Lash Lift -service, which makes your own lashes beautifully highlighted! Lash Lift also includes permanent tinting for lashes and a short relaxing head massage while the Lash Lift products affect!

The age limit for Permanent Tinting and Lash Lift is 16 years.

Lash Lift 90 minutes

Lash Lift is designed for every customer. Lash lift will make natural lashes look longer and much more showy without the need for eyelash extensions. Lash lift is a great option for those who wish to highlight their eyes without eyelash extensions. Please note that after you have had your eyelash extensions removed, you need to wait for 8 weeks before the lash lift. The age limit for the lash lift 16 years.

85 €

Lash Lift + eyebrow tinting & shaping

Lash Lift, or permanent eyelash curling, is a treatment where your own lashes are bent and presented beautifully. We use Inlei brand products in Lash Lift. In addition, this treatment also includes permanent tinting and shaping of your brows.

Please note that after removing the lash extensions, you should wait one growing season (8 weeks) before it is desirable to do a Lash Lift. The age limit for Lash Lift is 16 years.


109 €

Lash Lift + Brow Lift combination treatment 90 min

In the Lash & Brow Lift combo, we perform Lash and Brow Lifts at the same time. The treatment takes about 90 minutes. We use products from the Inlei brand.

The age limit for treatment is 16 years.

125 €

Preparation for Lash Lift and home care instructions

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the service you have booked before coming for treatment. We have collected general recommendations for Lash Lift home care and preparation for Lash Lift. Read the instructions carefully and contact us if something bothers you. Our professionals will help you in all problem situations.


Our Lash Lift professionals

Our beauty salons are staffed by lash professionals who specialize in Lash Lifts. We recommend getting to know our Lash Lift professionals and their work sample photos, so you can find the one that suits you best!


Mechanical bending of eyelashes with, for example, home-use curlers is a rather big strain on the eyelashes. Especially when the curlers rubber pad is worn out, the eyelashes bend at a very steep angle in the curlers, which often leads to the breakage of individual eyelashes. Daily curling at home wears out the eyelashes significantly more than chemically done Lash Lift treatment done once every two months at a beauty salon. If done correctly, the Lash Lift treatment is therefore a good and safe alternative to eyelash curling.

Lash Lift is a good option when you want your natural eyelashes to look more impressive. With the treatment, you can get wonderful changes for different eyelashes, such as light, straight, downward growing or long and thick eyelashes. Lash Lift is well suited to a natural style and an active lifestyle, such as swimmers and athletes. Lash Lift is a popular treatment even when eyelash extensions are not an option for one reason or another.

Lash Lift does not straighten, instead it so-called “grows out” as the eyelashes grow and regenerate naturally. It typically takes 8-12 weeks for eyelashes to regenerate, after which it would be good to renew the Lash Lift. You should always wait eight weeks between Lash Lift treatments, which is a popular maintenance interval in Lash Lift.

Mascara can be applied after Lash Lift. However, please note the Lash Lift’s home care instructions, e.g. for the first 24 hours of treatment. If you want to renew the Lash Lift, we recommend avoiding e.g. oily make-up removers.

The age limit for permanent eyelash tinting and Lash Lift is 16 years.

If you think your Lash Lift is too strong, we can straighten it within the next 7 days from the initial service. In that case, please contact the beauty salon as soon as possible and send accurate pictures of your eyelashes to our email:

After Lash Lift, you should wait 8 weeks before applying eyelash extensions, so that the eyelashes are in as natural state as possible for eyelash extensions. In this way, the eyelash extensions also set and stay better.

Even after the removal of eyelash extensions, you should wait one growth season (about 8 weeks) before doing Lash Lift.