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By using our site, you agree to these Terms of use, which apply to the bluelagoon.fi website and their use. You cannot use the site without accepting these terms.

1. Blue Lagoon owns all intellectual property rights

As well as other possible intellectual property rights to all material, content, concepted services published on the site, as well as to any other materials that Blue Lagoon has created and therefore owns.

  • Materials and materials may not be used in any way without the separate written permission of the website administrator, and they may not be handed over to third parties. Using contains copying, saving, recovering and any sort of commercial exploitation
  • If the intellectual property rights belong to a third party, Blue Lagoon has licenses or rights to use these materials.

2.  The service is always provided as it is

  • Blue Lagoon does not guarantee error-free or uninterrupted functionality of the site.
  • The website has been prepared carefully, by good manners and the law.
  • Efforts are made to update the website and its content whenever necessary, but Blue Lagoon does not guarantee the timeliness, correctness or completeness of the information on the website. The information, content, material or articles presented on the website do not constitue any kind of official advice nor opinions on individual situations. The information provided on the site must always be edited and applied to individual situations entirely at the user’s own responsibility. The service provider recommends website users to always contact professionals to get advice or service on individual situations.

3. Blue Lagoon has the right at any time to:

  • make changes to its prices, services, and their access possibilities.
  • change the site, its content, its operation, services, and its terms of use.
  • stop maintaining the site or restricting use of the site.
  • prevent anyone using the service or other actions that violate the law, good manners, or the rights of third parties, or are otherwise contrary to this agreement or other rules regarding the use of the service.

4. Blue Lagoon is not responsible for 

  • For any direct or indirect damage caused to the User, which may be caused by incorrect, incomplete, ambiguous, or open-to-interpretation information related to the platform or the Services or their use.
  • Damages caused to the user or third parties, which have been caused by the site or their possible malfunctions, technical problems, malware, interruptions or links.
  • From a service provided by a third party, even if such a service is referred to on the site, and not from the site located or presented on the site through links or the information on them.
  • About the functionality of the site, content-related information or other messages or materials, and any direct or indirect damages caused to third parties concerning using the site
  • About the acquisition of devices or connections; their functionality or appropriate protection and the costs they may cause.

5. The user is responsible for

  • Compensation for damages to Blue Lagoon, other Users or third parties caused by viruses and other similar harms that have entered the network or spread through the network through it and through its fault.
  • operating in any way that would cause obvious harm to Blue Lagoon, for its users, or affect other’s opportunities to use the service.
  • acting in any way that would cause the service to become overloaded, damaged, stop working, or start working in a way that would compromise the service’s network, information security or data protection.