Weddings & occasions

Weddings & occasions

Blue Lagoon beauty salons enable wonderful experiences and relaxing moments for small and large groups! In particular, our large salon premises in Kamppi, Iso Omena and Turku create the perfect setting for larger groups! We are happy to help you plan special events and group bookings, so please contact us at, and together we will plan a unique package just for your needs!

Our most popular wedding & group treatments

  • Wedding treatments

    In order to prepare for the wedding party, we offer various treatments in our beauty salons for brides, grooms and wedding parties. Please note that if your skin needs treatment before the wedding, we recommend starting good skin care already 6-12 months before the wedding day. To prepare for the wedding, we especially recommend wedding makeup, facial treatments, spray tanning, eyelash extensions, our nail services and Brow Lift.

  • Bachelorette party

    The bride’s luxurious moment of pampering is a wonderful addition to the bachelorette party! How nice it would be to give the bride a relaxing treatment experience in the middle of the wedding rush! Many bachelor parties have moved to prefer various beauty treatments as part of the bachelor party. Popular  treatments include massages, Beauty Bar quick facials, manicures and pedicures. Our Beauty Bar and the pedicure places in our Iso Omena and Turku beauty salons enable joint treatment moments. In connection with the bachelorette party, we can also provide treatments for the entire bachelor party. One nice option is to provide the wedding party with, for example, Shellac or CrystaLac gel polishes in our nail space, so that the wedding party can spend time together during the treatments as well!

  • Bridal Shower

    How perfect it would be to get all the joy out of one of the most memorable experiences of your life! The purpose of the Bridal Shower is to celebrate the bride and get ready together with the wedding party for the wedding day! A bridal shower should be organized a few days before the wedding. If you dream of a wonderful wedding experience together with your loved ones, please contact our beauty salon well advanced. If you want to spend time together, we recommend you try our beautiful and durable nail polish services. For pampering moments together, we especially recommend our pedicures, Beauty Bar quick facials, spray tanning and Brow Bar services. To plan events and group treatments, please contact

  • Baby shower

    Pregnancy is a life-changing experience for a woman, and we want to give the future mother pleasant and relaxing experiences! For some, pregnancy is challenging and it can be difficult to enjoy yourself. In addition, pregnancy can cause major changes in the skin, nails and hair. Not all treatments are recommended for pregnant women, and many expectant customers also need new home care recommendations and additional information about treatments and products suitable for them. For pregnant customers, we recommend customized Medik8 facials, pedicures or our Mindfulness massage, which is done on the head or feet. Also, a pampering gift card for an expecting or new mother is a beautiful gesture that your friend will surely appreciate!

  • Shared pampering moments

    In our beauty salons, we can organize shared pampering moments for small and large groups. Our large nail salons in Kamppi, Iso Omena and Turku allow simultaneous manicures, and in addition, our beauty salons in Iso Omena and Turku have American style pedicure places for shared pedicure moments. For pampering, we recommend our relaxing massages, manicures, pedicures and facials. A gift card for a joint pampering moment with your partner enables quality time together and brings a touch of luxury to everyday life!

  • For businesses

    For companies, we can offer mindfulness massages that promote well-being at work or conduct expert lectures on beauty and well-being. You can also send a request for a large treatment reservation for dozens of customers by emailing Together we can plan a package that meets your needs!

Our professionals

We have dozens of beauty professionals who do different beauty services. We recommend getting to know professionals and their work sample photos, so you can find the most suitable beauty professional for you!

Versatile facial treatments in Helsinki, Espoo & Turku

Our facial treatment selection includes classic Medik8 facials, Medik8 acid treatments, DMK enzyme therapies, HydraFacial treatments, Dermapen micro-needling and Beauty Bar quick facials. With the help of our wide range of facial treatments, we can effectively treat various and even more demanding skin problems. Find out more about all our facial treatments!