Brow Lift – eyebrow lamination

Brow Lift – eyebrow lamination

Brow Lift, i.e. eyebrow lamination, has become a popular treatment alongside permanent eyebrow coloring, which is used to beautifully laminate the eyebrows into place. With Brow Lift, incredible and wonderful changes can be made to the eyebrows, and the treatment works as a lighter and more natural alternative to, for example, eyebrow pigmentation. Brow Lift lasts beautifully for many weeks. We use InLei products for brow lamination, and the age limit for Brow Lift is 16 years.


Information about eyebrow lamination

  • Who is Brow Lift suitable for?

    Brow Lift, i.e. brow lamination, is a service that makes your brows look naturally thick, showy and beautifully placed. We recommend Brow Lift especially when you want your brows to look more impressive, you want beautifully shaped and placed eyebrows or you want the most full and fluffy eyebrow style without, for example, pigmentation services. Brow Lift is also excellent for stubborn and downward-growing eyebrows, because with the help of lamination, the eyebrows can be kept beautifully in place. The lamination lasts several weeks in the brows, so the service is also a good choice for those who value easy beauty routines and for example those who do a lot of sports.

  • What happens in eyebrow lamination?

    In brow lamination, we treat your brows with Inlei Brow Bomber products. The treatment includes treating the brows with a bending and fixing agent, permanent coloring and shaping the brows with wax, sugar or tweezers. By laminating the brows, the texture of the hair can be changed so that they stay in place better and are easier to control. Eyebrows stay groomed for a long time.


  • Permanent eyebrow tinting & shaping

    Our Brow Lift includes permanent eyebrow tinting and shaping. The color options for coloring the eyebrows are light brown, brown, gray and black. The colors can also be mixed together to get the perfect shade for you. When coloring the eyebrows, the permanent color may stick to the skin a little at first, so the color looks darker for a few days. When you clean or exfoliate the skin of your face a few times, the color starts to come off the skin, making the end result a little lighter. Please tell the brow professional all your wishes in terms of color and shape. Usually, the appropriate shade is chosen according to your hair and skin color.

    You can choose the shaping technique with tweezers, wax or sugaring. Sugaring and waxing is a gentle way to remove hair from the root and is a particularly good and faster technique than tweezers when there is more hair to be removed.

  • When can Brow Lift be renewed?

    The behavior of brow lamination is very individual. Durability is affected by e.g. own hair growth cycle and durability of permanent color on the skin. The lamination does not wear off, but grows out as your eyebrows change. After a few weeks, some of the hair has already changed, and some is still treated hair. The duration of the permanent color is individual, the color usually lasts 1-4 weeks in the hair, after which it would be good to renew it if you want to maintain the final result. Lamination is typically renewed every 8-12 weeks, depending on the growth cycle of your own brows. Between Lift treatments, several customers go for permanent coloring and shaping of their eyebrows.


Brow Lift for different eyebrows

Individually tailored eyebrows

With Brow Lift, the brows can be styled and placed precisely in the desired position and shape. The more hair there is in your eyebrows, the more versatile possibilities it gives for shaping the brows. With the help of Brow Lift, wonderful changes have been achieved even in thinner and sparser eyebrows. When laminating eyebrows, it is important to always bring up your wishes and discuss the desired end result with the brow professional. Typically, in brow services, natural lines and a classic wing-like shape of the brows are preferred, but also fluffy and lifted upwards, hairy and impressive results are possible with the help of Brow Lift. The end result always depends on the initial situation of your eyebrows and the desired end result.

Thick eyebrows

For bushy and thick eyebrows, we recommend sugaring or waxing as a shaping technique. Even thicker eyebrows can be nicely defined with the help of the permanent coloring included in Brow Lift. Our Brow Lift professional analyzes the quality of your eyebrows and tailors the treatment to suit your eyebrows. Sometimes stiff and strong eyebrows may require a slightly longer effect time.

Long and downward-growing eyebrows

With the help of Brow Lift, long, stubborn and downward growing hairs can be beautifully settled in place. With the help of Brow Lift, a nice lift can be achieved for this type of eyebrows, as well as a well-groomed and neat result that lasts for several weeks.

Thin and sparse eyebrows

If there is very little hair in the brows, the Brow Lift can be used to give the brows a nice extra look. With the permanent coloring included in Brow Lift, sparser eyebrows can be slightly “filled in” and the lines of the brows can be better highlighted. Because with the help of Brow Lift, the eyebrows can be laminated in the desired places, the treatment can in some cases even slightly “cover” the hollows in the sparse eyebrows, and make the brows look smoother and fuller. However, it is good to remember that the fewer hairs there are in the brows, the less you can do to them with Brow Lift. Sometimes the best and most durable solution for sparse eyebrows is obtained with the help of microblading or permanent eyebrow pigmentation. However, we recommend trying Brow Lift also for thin eyebrows, because beautiful changes have been made for them as well.

Brow Lift at Blue Lagoon

Brow Lift can be done in treatment rooms or in our Brow Bars, depending on the treatment. All of our professionals go through our unique quality processes, with which we guarantee consistent and high-quality service experiences for our customers. We recommend getting to know our professionals and their work samples on our team page, so that you can find the most suitable professional for you.


Brow Bar

The eyebrows are at the center of beauty trends at the moment. Eyebrows are a visible part of the face, so wll-designed brows that match the shape of the face immediately stand out. Book an appointment at Blue Lagoon’s Brow Bar, where we create stylish Brow Lifts as well as eyebrow shaping and eyebrow tinting.

Eyebrow Shaping 15 min.

We recommend 15 min. treatment time, if your brows need a light shaping and “cleaning”. Shaping can be done with tweezers, sugar or wax. If your brows need more shaping or you need a new eyebrow design, we recommend booking a 25 min. -service, to guarantee the best end result.

Read more about eyebrow shaping.

15 €

Eyebrow Tinting & Shaping

Permanent tinting is an easy way to maintain a well-groomed, but natural look. By coloring and shaping the eyebrows, you get beautiful frames for your face. Beautifully shaped and colored eyebrows create new and fresh look! Permanent coloring makes everyday life easier and speeds up daily make-up. Shaping can be done with tweezers or with sugar or wax.

The treatment takes 30 minutes.

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24 €

Eyebrow shaping 25 min.

We recommend 25 min. eyebrow shaping, if there is more to be shaped in the eyebrows or if you wish to modify the eyebrow model. Shaping can be done with tweezers, sugar or wax.

Read more about eyebrow shaping.

25 €

Eyelash and eyebrows permanent color

Permanent coloring of eyelashes and eyebrows also includes shaping of the eyebrows with tweezers or with sugar or wax. We recommend shaping with tweezers if your eyebrows don’t have that much to shape. For larger changes and thicker eyebrows, we recommend sugaring or waxing. The treatment takes 40 minutes.

We recommend you to arrive to the appointment without mascara if possible. This way we can make sure all the time booked for this appointment is being used for the coloring. Please note that even a few minute delay effects the time we have for the treatment.

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36 €

InLei Brow Lamination 45 min

The lamination of eyebrows, also known as brow lift, which is currently the hottest brow and beauty trend. With this treatment you can achieve beautiful, “fluffy” and more thick looking brows for up to 6 weeks!

55 €

Brow Lift & eyelash tinting

This service includes eyebrow lamination and permanent eyelash tinting. The treatment takes about 60 minutes. We use Inlei products for Brow Lift treatments. The age limit for this treatment is 16 years.

73 €

Lash Lift + Brow Lift combination treatment 90 min

In the Lash & Brow Lift combo, we perform Lash and Brow Lifts at the same time. The treatment takes about 90 minutes. We use products from the Inlei brand.

The age limit for treatment is 16 years.

125 €

Our Brow Lift professionals

Brow professionals who specialize in Brow Lifts work in our beauty salons. We recommend that you get to know our Brow Lift professionals and their work sample photos, so that you can find the one that is most suitable for you!

Brow Bar

Read more about our Brow Bar services like eyebrow shaping and permanent eyebrow tinting.


Our brow services also include microblanding and permanent eyebrow pigmentation for long lasting brow styles!