At Blue Lagoon Beauty, you will be served by our make-up experts, who have an aesthetic eye, insight into different make-up looks, information on trends and the skill to implement a make-up style that is just right for the customer. At its best, makeup brings out the best aspects of the face, making the customer feel good and confident. Many people can experience their own make-up style as a big part of their own identity, and make-up is one way to express yourself. Therefore, a skilled make-up artist also knows how to listen to her client’s wishes and plan the most suitable look for her personality and style. A skilled make-up artist also knows how to bring new ideas and perspectives to the client’s make-up routines, as well as carry out even bigger makeovers.


  • Day makeup

    60 minutes are reserved for our day make-up in our beauty salons. At the same time, day make-up serves as a good guide to creating your own everyday make-up. During make-up, you can ask a professional for individual make-up tips just for you. Day make-up is carried out by listening to the customer’s wishes and taking into account the customer’s age, personality and style. In daytime makeup, all areas of the face are taken into account, of which the most important focus is often on the skin. In day make-up, the customer’s eyes, lips and eyebrows are also enhanced in a way suitable for day make-up. A good general rule is that in make-up you should carefully focus attention on one area, so even in daytime make-up you can emphasize the eyes, lips or, for example, eyebrows according to the customer’s wishes. Day makeup is also meant to be suitable for work, everyday life or, for example, a job interview, so the end result is usually a light and fresh.

  • Party / evening make-up

    Evening or party makeup takes 90 minutes in our salon, so our professionals have enough time to focus on creating the most perfect party look just for you! Party makeup is also a great opportunity to learn more about your own face and skin and how to enhance them. In evening make-up, we can also apply extra eyelashes brought by the customer. In connection with party make-up, our make-up artist can also guide you in attaching fake eyelashes at home.


  • Test makeup for wedding

    The wedding makeup price includes a test makeup. 90 minutes are reserved for the test make-up and 90 minutes are reserved for the actual wedding make-up. In the test make-up, the customer has the opportunity to go over their wishes regarding wedding make-up with the artist. We recommend that you tell us about your wedding dress and hairstyle, as well as show possible pictures of the dress and make-up that you like, so that the make-up artist can take these into account when planning the wedding make-up. During the test make-up , the make-up artist also gets to work with your skin type and the special requirements of your skin, giving the make-up artist the opportunity to try and choose the products that best suit your skin.

  • Wedding makeup

    We reserve 90 minutes for wedding makeup in our beauty salons, and wedding makeup is done on the wedding day before the wedding. The most common wishes for wedding makeup are durability and a photogenic and classically stylish and beautiful end result. More and more customers also want impressive wedding makeups, which can mean preparing for wedding make-up with, for example, spray tanning, eyebrow lamination or eyelash extensions.


About makeup services

Day makeup

Day makeup is excellent for young customers who are looking for a style that suits them and are just starting to get to know makeup. At the same time, our professional can also advise on make-up products, tools, brushes and skin care. Day makeup is also suitable for special occasions for people who are more inexperienced makeup artists and prefer natural and light makeup. Day makeup is also popular, for example, before an important trip to work or a photo shoot. Day makeup is a big part of everyday life for many, so even an experienced makeup artist can get a new perspective and ideas for their everyday makeup. As you age, the muscles, bones and skin of the face change, so age can also bring new needs for your everyday makeup. Makeup habits and styles also change over the years, so day makeup made with the same style for 10 years may no longer be the best fit for you.

How do day makeup and evening makeup differ from each other?

In our salons, less time is reserved for day makeup than for evening makeup, and typically day makeup is lighter than party makeup. Day makeup does not include applying loose eyelashes and the colors used are typically lighter and more natural in day makeup than in party makeup. The purpose of day makeup is to plan and guide you in your daily makeup and to create makeup that suits your lifestyle, which you can also carry out on a daily basis. Day makeup is therefore a good option when you want to get tips and guidance on daily enhancement that suits you. Day makeup done in a beauty salon is also suitable for special occasions if you are a more inexperienced with makeup and prefer natural and light makeup. Many customers also come for daytime makeup, for example, before an important trip to work or a photo shoot.

Party makeup takes more time than daytime makeup, and often very permanent, durable and careful base makeup plays an important role in party makeup. In party makeup, especially on the base and eyes, typically more products are used than in day makeup. When priming party makeup, in addition to foundation and powder, it is often appropriate to use concealer and highlighting colors, various powders for highlighting, shading, neutralizing and taming the shine, and blush. In party makeup, the eye makeup is also often built using several products. Party make-up eye make-up can use several eye colors, different contours and loose eyelashes.

Preparing for evening makeup

If you are a more inexperienced with makeup or you want to make sure that your makeup stays beautiful throughout the day and you feel like the best version of yourself, then we recommend you to turn to a professional who, based on your wishes, will create a long-lasting and beautiful party makeup for you for senior dances, graduations, important occasions, anniversaries or other festivities and special occasions!

If you have a picture of your party outfit, we recommend that you take it with you and tell us about your hairstyle so that the makeup artist can take these into account when planning the makeup. You can also show pictures of makeup that you like, as it helps the makeup artist to understand your preferences more precisely.

How do party makeup and wedding makeup differ?

The biggest difference between party makeup and wedding makeup is the trial makeup included in wedding makeup. Planning wedding makeup takes more time, and the products used in test makeup and their suitability are tested on the customer before the actual wedding makeup. Style wise, wedding makeup is often classically beautiful, while party makeup may use bolder trends.

Test makeup for wedding

In the test makeup, the foundation, powder, highlighting and shading colors and blush are chosen. In addition, we go over the customer’s wishes regarding eye contours and also choose the eye shadows used for eye makeup and possible loose eyelashes. In connection with the test makeup, the lip makeup is also planned and the products used for it are selected. Based on the test makeup, the makeup artist notes down the wishes of the bride, the products used for wedding makeup and other possible special considerations. Based on test makeup, the actual wedding makeup is easier to implement, when both the makeup artist and the bride have a clear unified vision and plan for the final wedding makeup.

The wedding makeup designed in connection with the test makeup is prepared for the customer from start to finish. If the customer wishes to include fake eyelashes in the wedding makeup, during the test makeup the eyes are not necessarily filled to the end with the loose eyelashes, but some of the eyelashes can be used during the test makeup. Based on the test makeup, the bride has the opportunity to test the durability of the makeup throughout the day, so that the bride’s observations can be taken into account in the makeup on the wedding day, if necessary.

We recommend all brides to have a test makeup done before the actual wedding makeup, and it is recommended to book both the test makeup and the wedding makeup well in advance of the wedding. It’s a good idea to do a makeup trial a few weeks before the wedding. With test makeup, we make sure that the makeup for your wedding party meets your expectations, and you will feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day!

Wedding makeup

We prefer the implementation of the wedding makeup in Blue Lagoon’s own salon, but if you would like the wedding makeup to be done in a hotel, at home or at a party venue, please contact our salon first.

We recommend coming to the wedding makeup with clean skin after the wedding hairstyle. The plan made during the test makeup guides the wedding makeup. Subtle changes can be made to the final wedding makeup even after the test makeup, if the customer so wishes. Good wedding makeup emphasizes the importance of high-quality makeup products. High-quality makeup guarantees good permanence of wedding makeup from morning to night, through tears and celebrations.

Wedding makeup takes into account all areas of the face. The final result is influenced by the customer’s wishes, style and personality, so the final result of the wedding makeup can be refined and moderate, really showy or anything in between these extremes!

It is possible to use the products listed below for wedding makeup. If you own a makeup product or products that you would like to include in your wedding makeup, you can bring the products with you for test makeup and wedding makeup.

Wedding makeup includes:

  • Make-up base: foundation, concealer, shadow, highlighter, different powders and blush if necessary
  • Eyes: contouring (eyeliner, kajal), eye shadows, mascara, attachment of loose eyelashes brought by the customer
  • Eyebrows: eyebrow pencil, pomade and eyebrow gel
  • Lips: lip liner, lipsticks, lip glosses

Frequently asked questions about makeup

Is it possible to do fantasy makeup?

For special effects makeup, we recommend contacting the salon for a consultation.

Is it okay if I come in for makeup without having had time to clean off the old makeup?

It would be good to come to the makeup without makeup, so that the makeup artist does not spend a lot of time cleaning the customer’s makeup, especially if there is a lot of makeup. However, you are also welcome with your old makeup, because our makeup artist cleans your skin and applies moisturizer to the base of the makeup at the beginning of the makeup. In this way, we remove air pollution and e.g. possible impurities from the skin, so we can ensure that the makeup is even.

Can I make my own makeup base if I want the makeup to focus only on the eyes, lips and brows?

Makeup is always done according to your wishes. If you wish, you can come to our salon with base makeup and thus we use the reserved time for e.g. eye, lip and brow makeup.



At Blue Lagoon, you will be served by our makeup experts, who have an aesthetic eye, insight into different makeup looks, knowledge of trends and the skill to implement a makeup style that is just right for the customer. You can book an appointment for makeup directly online through our website and with the appointment booking application called Blue Lagoon FI. You can also inquire about makeup appointments by emailing

Read more about our makeup & see pictures


Test makeup 60min

If you want to try your makeup on before the important party, you can book a test makeup. The wedding makeup package includes the test makeup. The duration of the test makeup is one hour. In the test makeup appointment the makeup artist will do a slightly lighter makeup, focusing on the eyes or lips and choosing the best cover products.

50 €

Day makeup

The day makeup appointment is 60 minutes. The makeup is being made based on the customer’s wishes and considering the customer’s age, persona and style. The day makeup is suitable for example for work or job interviews. The day makeup look will be light and fresh!

65 €

Evening / party makeup 90 min

Parties are a wonderful part of life and the getting ready part is always fun and makes the day even more special! Evening / party makeup doesn’t necessarily mean a thick layer of makeup or bold colors. Evening / party makeup is also being made by listening the customers wishes and taking into consideration the customers age, style and persona. The evening / party makeup can be very subtle or we can also create a very showy makeup with contouring and bold colors and thick fake lashes, or the makeup can be something in between.

90 €

Wedding makeup 90 min.

Wedding makeup needs to last the whole day so it needs to be very lasting. It also has to look good in pictures but in person too and most of the time the brides want a very classic look. The wedding makeup includes a test makeup of 90 minutes. The test makeup is important to make sure all your wishes are fulfilled.

Test makeup 90 minutes and wedding makeup 90 minutes.


180 €

Preparation for makeup

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the service you have booked before coming for treatment. We have collected recommendations for preparation for makeup appointment. Read the instructions carefully and contact us if something bothers you. Our professionals will help you in all problem situations.

Our makeup professionals

Get to know our makeup professionals! We recommend getting to know our makeup artists and their work sample photos, so you can find the most suitable professional for you!

Our beauty services

In our beauty services, you will find a wide selection of services with which you can take care of yourself from head to toe! Our beauty services include various facial treatments, pedicures, spray tanning, makeup, sugaring and relaxing massages.