Eyebrow Shaping

Beautiful eyebrows designed by professionals!

Brow Shaping in Blue Lagoon Brow Bar

Eyebrow shaping is one of the fastest ways to get beautiful and neat lines for your eyebrows! Brows can consist of different kinds of hairs, both delicate and thick. Some have eyebrows that are inherently thick and showy and others may have more thinner brows. For more thicker eyebrows in particular, even the shaping alone  can achieve big transformation, while for fewer and thinner brows the shaping enables a neat and well-groomed result. When designing your brows, it is important to take into account the initial situation of your eyebrows and your personal wishes for achieving the best result.

Eyebrow shaping techniques

At our Brow Bar, our professionals can shape your brows with tweezers, sugar or wax. You don’t have to know in advance which method you want to use. Our brow professional will give you a recommendation on the most suitable shaping technique for your needs. All our shaping techniques are priced the same.

Brow Shaping with tweezers

Typically, tweezers are a good option if there is not so much to shape or if you want to focus more on individual hairs. Depending a little on the quality of your hair, our Brow Bar professionals may find tweezers to be a better option for styling. With tweezers, the eyebrows are plucked one by one, so that the hair comes off completely, and the end result in your brows stays sharp for a long time.

Brow Shaping with sugar or wax

Typically, sugaring / waxing the brows is a good option when you have plenty of eyebrows with a lot to shape. Especially for thick eyebrows, beautiful lines are often obtained with the help of sugar or wax. Even fewer eyebrows may grow a lot of delicate blond hair, and if you want your eyebrows to be clean of this delicate hair, then it is a good idea to favor either sugaring or waxing. These methods are faster and more effective ways than tweezers to get brows completely clean of unwanted hair. Thinner brows can also be sugared / waxed, as it is possible to do just subtle makeovers too!

Both wax and sugar mass are removed from the skin using rapid movement, so this hair removal method may be a more pleasant option due to its speed. With both techniques, the eyebrows come off whole, so the end result stays neat and sharp for a long time.

Home care instructions after Brow Shaping

After Brow Shaping, there may be a slight redness on the skin. Sugaring and waxing can also cause a slight tingling and warming sensation, which is quite normal and often calms down instantly. After shaping the brows, our Brow Bar professionals put a cover color on your eyebrows, and you’re ready to continue your daily life right after the treatment!

Especially after sugaring and waxing, you should avoid heavy sweating, bathing or exfoliating products in the eyebrow area during the same day. You should also protect yourself well from the sun.

Eyebrow Shaping (tweezers / sugar / wax) 14 €