InLei Brow Lamination 60 min

Make your natural brows stand out!

Brow Lift is a service that gives your eyebrows a  thicker and beautifully shaped look. In Brow Lamination, we treat your brows with Inlei Brow Bomber products. The treatment includes treating the brows with a bending and fixing agent, permanent coloring and shaping  with wax, sugar or tweezers. Brow Lamination  allows the texture of the hair to be changed so that they stay better in place and are easier to control. Eyebrows remain well-groomed for a long time.

The Brow Lamination results are very individual. Your hair growth cycle affects how long the result lasts on your brows and your skin type affects the durability of the permanent color on the skin. Brow Lamination does not wear off, it grows out as your own eyebrows grow and renew. After a few weeks, some of the hair has already changed due to the different growth stages of the individual hairs. Eyebrows are placed in the most natural position possible during treatment so that the different growth stages are not shown. The duration of the permanent color is individual, usually it lasts on eyebrows about 1-4 weeks.

Things to consider before Brow Lamination

Treating brows at home with keratin serum is very important. Whenever hair is treated, there should be care products in the home that moisturize, care for and maintain the condition of the hair. You can buy keratin serum from our salons. Our keratin serum can be used on brows and lashes.

Lamination of the brows makes the hair a little bit more dry, so the permanent color adheres to them more strongly than normal. Your eyebrows may be slightly darker for 1-2 days after the treatment until you wash the brows for the first time after the treatment. This can be done after 24 hours. Permanent color is kept for at least a minimum time to ensure that the brow color lasts as long as possible. We have many different color options that are usually mixed for  your specific needs.

We recommend having the treatment done at least four days before any important event, so that the permanent color in your brows settles a little.

Some face self-tanning products can react with the eyebrow color, so the use of self-tanning products should be avoided at least two days before and two days after the Brow Lamination.

Use of oils

The regular use of oils on the brows can make an oil layer for your brows, which prevents the lamination substances acting as effectively, and the result may not be as desired. Eyebrows respond individually to the use of oily products. Certain oils do not have significant consequences, while for others, even small amounts of oil on the brows can have a strong effect on the end result. According to the latest recommendation, the use of oily products on the eyebrows should be stopped as early as 4-8 weeks before the Brow Lamination. It is also not recommended to use brow oils between your Brow Lamination treatments.

Eyebrows with a small amount of hair may not get as thick finish as desired. If you are unsure of the treatment and whether it is suitable for your brows, you can send a picture of your brows for a consultation to

Lamination is typically renewed every 8-12 weeks, depending on the growth cycle of the brows.

Home care instructions after Brow Lamination

Eyebrows should not be washed for the first 24 hours, as this will weaken the effect of lamination and may dry the hair. If you eat supplements that affect hair growth, lamination may grow out faster. Lamination will gradually disappear from your brows as your brows grow and renew. The life cycle of eyebrow hairs is 8-12 weeks.

The use of a keratin mascara is highly recommended and important after lamination to maintain the moisture balance and general condition of the brows. The keratin mascara is oil-free and is used in the morning and evening. You can also use it on lashes under your mascara. You can buy keratin mascara from our salons.

You can wear brow makeup and remove makeup without worries, even if you have had Brow Lamination. We do not recommend using waterproof makeup on the brows after lamination. For make-up removal, we recommend oil-free make-up removal products.

If you feel that the design of your brows has been made too heavily upwards or does not seem to be in place, we may try to repair them within the next 7 days of the original treatment. In this case, please contact our salon as soon as possible. All Inlei Brow Lift employees in the Blue Lagoon salons are trained beauticians or hairdressers.

Contraindications for Brow Lamination


Allergic reactions are extremely rare. However, it is possible that the skin of the eyebrows may react to the lamination products with redness or itching. If you doubt or have cosmetic-allergy you should have an allergy test before booking the treatment. The official allergy test is performed only by a doctor.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

The body’s hormone balance changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding and it also affects the hair quantity and quality. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend that you take the treatment when your hormonal activity is balanced to get the desired result. There is a possibility that your brows will not settle as desired due to the hormones.


A client with alopecia cannot be treated with Brow Lamination.

Cytostatic or radiotherapy

Lamination is not recommended during treatment with cytostatic or radiotherapy patients.


Trichotillomania, a person suffering from forced plucking of lashes, hair, or eyebrows. Lamination cannot be done.

Age limit

The age limit for Brow Lamination is 16 years.


If you have an eye infection, we do not recommend taking the service when the inflammation is active.