Spray tan

Spray tan

With spray tanning, you can quickly and safely get a nice, even, and even intense tan on your skin if you want. Spray tan can be taken regularly to maintain a continuous beautiful tan without fear of premature aging or damage to the skin. Spray tanning is a particularly popular service for parties or photo shoots and before vacations.


About spray tanning

  • What happens in a spray tan?

    In spray tanning, our tanning professional sprays fine tanning extract with a device intended for professional use. With the help of a device designed for professional use and a spray tanning product, a really even and beautiful tan can be achieved for the entire body and face.

    For spray tanning, we provide you with a cap to protect your hair and disposable thongs. If you wish, you can also wear your own bikini / swimming trunks or underwear during the spray tanning appointment. We recommend dark underwear / swimwear for tanning, to prevent staining.

  • The color of the spray tan

    The depth of the spray tan is obtained by layering the extract on the skin. The price of our spray tan includes a maximum of two layers of tan extract. If you wish for a more intense tone than this, 1.5 times the service price will be charged for the third layer and twice the service price for the fourth tanning layer.

    Not all customers’ skins may receive 3-4 layers of tan, and unabsorbed color may be washed off in the shower, so basically we recommend 1-2 layers for tanning. The final shade always develops in relation to the skin’s own pigment.


  • We recommend spray tanning, especially before vacations, parties or photoshoots. Many feel that they feel more confident on the beach with a little tan, so spray tanning is a popular service even for summer vacations. With regular spray tanning, you can also safely maintain the beautiful tan of the skin.

Frequently asked questions about spray tanning

How long do I need to let the spray tan dry and effect on my skin?

The spray tan product needs to dry on your skin for 24 hours.

How long does the color of the spray tan stay on the skin?

If the skin has been exfoliated and clean before tanning on the same day, the spray tan stays good on the skin for about one week, depending on how much you shower, sweat and what kind of products you use on your skin. We recommend moisturizing your skin 2 times a day to keep your tan as good as possible.

How could I prolong the permanence of the color of the spray tan myself?

If you don’t want to use self-tanners at home, we recommend using lightly moisturizing products on the skin daily. Creams that are too heavy may strip the color from the surface of the skin when applied.

Is the color of the spray tan orange?

The tan shades we use are really natural brown and do not turn orange.

Will the tan wear off my skin evenly?

The spray tan wears off your skin evenly. If you have irritated / scratched skin or suffer from severe dryness, the tan may wear off a little more unevenly.

Can you wear make-up on your face for a spray tan?

Yes you can. You can clean your makeup in our beauty salon. However, we recommend that if you also want a tan on the face area, the make-up should be cleaned and a light moisturizer should be applied to the skin at least an hour before applying the tan, so that we can guarantee the best permanence.

Can spray tanning be done right after sugaring / waxing?

After sugaring or waxing, it is good to wait 12 hours so that the skin pores have closed before doing the spray tan.

Can a spray tan be done to a pregnant woman or while breastfeeding?

Pregnancy or breastfeeding is not an obstacle to spray tanning, but as with all cosmetics, the customer is responsible. In very rare cases, the spray tan may smell stronger on the skin of a pregnant client, as hormones can change the ph of the skin. Please note that the color should remain on the skin for up to 24 hours, during which you should avoid touching the skin, which may make breastfeeding difficult. Touching / rubbing the skin, etc. while the color of the spray tan is still forming on the skin, can cause an uneven end result.

Does spray tanning protect the skin from the sun?

Spray tanning does not provide protection from the sun, nor does it prevent the skin from burning. We always recommend protecting the skin well in the sun.

Does spray tanning prevent the skin from getting tanned in the sun?

Spray tanning does not prevent the skin from tanning in the sun. For the well-being of the skin, we do not recommend sunbathing.



Spray tanning

With spray tanning, you can quickly and safely get a beautiful, even, and even intense tan on your skin if you wish. Spray tanning can be taken regularly to maintain a continuous beautiful color without fear of premature aging or damage to the skin.

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Spray tan

Spray tan is a fast and safe way to get a nice healthy glow or an intensive dark tan! Very highly recommend the spray tan before  holidays, parties or photoshoots. Because spray tan is a safe way to get a nice color for your skin, you can also have it done on a regular basis without worrying about skin aging or damaging the skin.

The price of our spray tanning includes a maximum of two coats of color extract. If you want an even more intense tan, you will be charged 1.5 times the price of the service for the third tan coat and twice the price of the service for the fourth tan coat. Not all clients’ skin may receive 3-4 coats of tan extract, and the unabsorbed extract may wash off in the shower.

Treatment time for  tanning is 30 minutes.

Please note: the spray tan product needs to dry on your skin for 24 hours.

38 €

Preparation for spray tanning and  home care instructions

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the service you have booked before coming for treatment. We have collected general recommendations for spray tanning home care and preparation for a spray tan. Read the instructions carefully and contact us if something bothers you. Our professionals will help you in all problem situations.

Our spray tan professionals

We have several beauty professionals who specialize in spray tanning. We recommend getting to know our spray tan professionals and their work sample photos, so you can find the most suitable professional for you!

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